Grown Ups - Marian Keyes

Grown Ups - Marian Keyes


What can we say about Marian Keyes that hasn't already been said? Clearly nothing - she's amazing! So we'll say instead that one of our booksellers has admitted to laughing so hard at some parts of this book that she snorted tea out of her nose. Witty warm and wise, Grown Ups reminds of a time when families were allowed to meet up without bubbling...and to travel abroad...


Meet Jessie, Cara and Nell. Married to brothers Johnny, Ed and Liam Casey. Three very different women tied to three very different men.

Every family occasion is a party - until the day the secrets spill out. Playtime is over - but where are the grown-ups? The book comes with three different colour covers and regrettably we cannot promise which colour you will receive. 

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