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Signed and Special Editions...

We​ often get signed and special independent bookshop editions of books in the book shop - often in very limited numbers - some of the latest releases are shown in the feed below and we try to keep the longer list below updated, but please check with the shop about availability as these sometimes sell out fast and we will also have others that aren't shown here...

Karma - My Autobiography
Boy George
Signed copy
A Fatal Crossing and The Murder Game
Tom Hindle
Signed copies of both books
A Killing in November, A Broken Afternoon
Simon Mason
Signed copies of both books
A Quiet Contagion
Jane Jesmond
Signed copy
The Conviction of Cora Burns
Carolyn Kirby
Signed copy
When We Fall
Carolyn Kirby
Signed copy
The Tourist
Phil Tufnell
Signed copy
Ed Gamble
Signed copy
Max Porter
Signed copy
The Lock-Up
John Banville
Signed copy
Great-Uncle Harry
Michael Palin
Signed copy
The Wisdom of Sheep & Other Animals
Rosamund Young
Signed copy
The Beaver Theory
Antti Tuomainen
Signed copy
In the Footsteps of Du Fu
Michael Wood
Signed copy
Every Exquisite Thing
Laura Steven
Signed copy
West Heart Kill
Dann McDorman
Independent Bookshop Special Edition with Sprayed Edges
The 12 Days of Murder
Andreina Cordani
Signed copy
The Tree Almanac 2024
Dr Gabriel Hemery
Signed copy
And So This is Christmas
Brian Bilston
Signed copy
The Observant Walker
John Wright
Signed copy
The Future
Naomi Alderman
Signed copy
What it Takes
Sarina Weigman
Signed copy
The Life of Birds
David Attenborough
Signed copy
The Christmas Jigsaw Murders
Alexandra Benedict
Signed Independent Edition with Sprayed Edges
Sisters of Sword and Shadow
Laura Bates
Signed copy
The Year of the Locust
Terry Hayes
Signed independent bookshop edition
My Autobiography
Joe Wilkinson
Signed copy
John Boyne
Signed copy
The Completely Chaotic Christmas of Lottie Brooks
Katie Kirby
Signed copy
Saving Neverland
Abi Elphinstone
Signed copy
Went to London, Took the Dog
Nina Stibbe
Signed copy
Garth Marenghi
Signed copy
Death of a Book Seller
Alice Slater
Signed copy
The Witches of Vardo
Anya Bergman
Signed copy
Tomorrow’s Here Today
Ian Broudie
Signed copy
Kevin the Vampire
Matt Brown
Signed copy
The Christmas Appeal
Janice Hallett
Signed copy
Let Us Descend
Jesmyn Ward
Signed copy
The Secret
Lee Child and Andrew Child
Signed by both authors
Neil Oliver
Signed copy
Different Aspects
Michael Ball
Signed copy
Isle of Dogs
Clare Balding
Signed copy
Making It So - A Memoir
Patrick Stewart
Special edition with free postcard
Our Strangers
Lydia Davis
Signed copy
RF Kuang
Exclusive Bookshop Edition
The Cat Who Taught Zen
James Norbury
Signed copy
Agatha Christie Poirot
Mark Aldridge
Signed copy
Sea Bean
Sally Huband
Independent bookshops exclusive signed edition
A Slice of Fried Gold
Nick Frost
Signed copy
Peanut Jones at the End of the Rainbow
Rob Biddulph
Signed copy
Finding Bear
Hannah Gold
Exclusive edition
Island of Whispers
Frances Hardinge
Signed copy with free print
Techno Feudalism
Yanis Varoufakis
Signed copy
Percy Jackson - the Chalice of the Gods
Rick Riordan
Signed copy
Before We Say Goodbye
Toshikazu Kawaguchi
Signed copy
Divine Might
Natalie Haynes
Independent bookshop limited edition with sprayed edges
Adrian Edmondson
Signed copy
Pru & Me
Timothy West
Signed copy
The Savage Storm
James Holland
Signed copy
The Vaster Wilds
Lauren Geoff
Signed copy
By My Hands (A Potter’s Apprenticeship)
Florian Gadsby
Signed copy
Naomi Klein
Signed copy
Stephen King
Independent Bookshop Edition
The Fraud
Zadie Smith
Signed, Exclusive Edition
Because I Don’t Know What You Mean and What You Don’t
Josie Long
Signed copy
The Squirrel and the Lost Treasure
Coralie Bickford-Smith
Signed copy
The Handover
David Runciman
Signed copy
The Boys Of Winter
Lawrence Dallaglio and Owen Slot
Signed copy (both authors)
Ordinary Human Failings
Megan Nolan
Signed copy
James Haynes
Signed independent bookshop edition (with sprayed edges)
Our Hideous Progeny
CE McGill
Signed copy
The Burnings
Naomi Kelsey
Signed copy
The Wren
Anne Enright
Signed copy
Bliss & Blunder
Victoria Gosling
Signed copy
Helen Macdonald and Sin Blaché
Signed copy
Normal Rules Don't Apply
Kate Atkinson
Signed Independent Bookshop Edition
Learned by Heart
Emma Donoghue
Special signed limited editions (with sprayed edges)
The Book of Fire
Christy Lefteri
Signed copy
City of Vengeance, The Darkest Sin and Ritual of Fire
D V Bishop
Signed copy
Fair Rosaline
Natasha Solomons
Signed copy
High Time
Hannah Rothschild
Signed copy
Big Swiss
Jen Beagin
Signed copy
The Late Americans
Brandon Taylor
Signed copy
The Ghost Theatre
Mat Osman
Signed copy
Well Done, Mummy Penguin
Chris Haughton
Signed with free limited edition poster included
Chain-Gang All-Stars
Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
Signed copy
The End Of Us
Olivia Kiernan
Signed copy of The End Of Us and other books by Olivia Kiernan
Doing Time
Jodi Taylor
Signed copy of Doing Time (as well as limited stock of Jodi's merch)

If you can't visit us, you can contact us to place an order.

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